Messy Eaters Make Happy Eaters

The Lempert Report
May 27, 2015

GMO labels, Genie Food pods and curing your hangover.

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Here’s a meal that will rival anything you’ll seen in space! 
A company in Israel has created the Genie. A counter-top gadget that uses food pods to create certain recipes! Various options from ramen, couscous and chocolate soufflé pods, are packed with natural ingredients and freeze dried in a pod about the size of a pint of ice cream just pop it in the Genie, and 30 seconds later, you’ll have your meal!
Certifications and labeling 
for foods that are free of genetically modified organisms have been developed by the Agriculture Department. This is the first of its kind and the certification would be voluntary and companies would have to pay for it. If approved, the foods would then be able to carry a “U.S.D.A. Process Verified” label along with a claim that they are free of G.M.O.s. While the government has said G.M.O.s on the market now are safe, and therefore mandatory labels are not needed many consumer groups still argue that shoppers have a right to know.

Pedialyte is targeting an older customer base! The product that’s sold to remedy kids’ dehydration and upset stomachs is now marketing itself as a hangover recipe. According to a news release from the company, many adults began sharing Pedialyte on social media as a way to combat hangovers, some claiming the drink works better than Gatorade and apparently adult consumption of the beverage has increased by more than 57% in the past five years!

And here’s a study that might not make parents happy, apparently if you let your preschooler play with their food, it may help them be less picky eaters! Researchers in the U.K. tested a group of kids by letting them search for buried toys in mashed potatoes and jelly. Results showed that the children who were comfortable getting their hands dirty at the table were less likely have a condition known as food neophobia, a fear of tasting new things. So much for table manners! 

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