Meta McDonald's

The Lempert Report
February 25, 2022

Sally: McDonald's has now filed a trademark for a restaurant in the metaverse and this, this happened on February 4th, and it's gonna cover a few different things. They're going to be able to use NFTs to sell virtual food and beverage products. Also they're going to operate an actual virtual restaurant that you can on, you can order online. So if you've got your headset on and you're in the VR world you can walk into the restaurant in order something to eat without even taking your headset off, and it will be delivered to you, but something else that's really great, I think is that they've also filed for a trademark to provide entertainment and events under the McDonald's brand. So these, these are really popular things that growing in the metaverse when they came out and launched, they have now since come gotten up to 300,000 followers in their event. Metaverse. And so that's just since December, that that's happened. 

Phil: And what I really like is the McDonald just saying that, okay, you're gonna put on your VR glasses you're going to visit McDonald's in the metaverse, but you can actually order real food that could then be delivered to you. So it's not just about fake food and, and pretending that you're eating a burger, or, or having, you know, a Coke, basic they're actually gonna deliver to. And they're not the only ones. Look at lunchbox, it's a $50 million startup, sorry, it's a startup that just raised another 50 million. And what they've done is they're funding new projects with 25 virtual restaurant brands by the mid 2022. So I just have to wonder whether or not, we're all gonna be just ordering our food, through that way, versus just picking up our cell phone and, you know, punching buttons, which I think to me is probably a little easier. 

Phil: This isn't quite about the metaverse, but what I really like, and I think it's important to mention is DoorDash has now added financing to what they do for a living. And what they're doing is they provide access to capital for those restaurants that have approved and track record on DoorDash, reminds me when I was a kid , in New Jersey, all the diners had little coffee cups that were Greek and it was blue and white, and they had, you know, the Greek buildings on it and stuff like that. And actually, you knew that they were buying coffee and tea from a company in Philadelphia called Lakis coffee and Lakis coffee. Wasn't really in the coffee business, they were in the finance business. So what they would be doing is they'd be financing those diners typically that were owned by Greeks. So it's the same thing, you know, some 20, 30, 40 years later, 

Sally: I love those coffee cups. I, we, we've never had 'em here in the south, but I've seen 'em in movies a lot. Yeah. Yeah. 

Phil: They always, they always have 'em in movies. You're right