Millennial Workplace Burnout

The Lempert Report
June 10, 2022

Phil: Sally, there's been lots of discussion about the great resignation, but it seems like there's one group that's working harder than ever at their jobs. Who are they? And what's it all about? 

Sally: Yes, Phil, and you know, whether you see the glass half full or half empty, you know, we call it the great resignation or the great migration. So we're looking at it both ways, but a new study by UiPath has revealed that 83% of global respondents have had to take up to six new tasks on outside of their regular job description. And this is because so many of their coworkers are resigning. Now, as of this year, most millennials are at the peak of their careers. They're in leadership roles, they're in management roles and they are shouldering much of the responsibility of their organizations. And that means this great resignation is taking a real toll on them. Emotionally, the study also says that 60% of millennials are filling workplace burnout. So the bottom line is in order to retain employees, companies need to work on offering a healthy and productive work environment. Now, some companies are testing four-day work weeks. They're allowing permanent work from home opportunities. They're expanding benefits, especially like mental health service, which a lot of gen Z employees are now pushing for apparently. And in addition, they're adding robot software to take on mundane tasks so that they can ensure that their team can focus on creative and strategic work.