Miniature Foods & Bird Flu Furniture

The Lempert Report
December 23, 2015

This week in Food News!

Only in Japan. For hundreds of years we marveled at the intricate miniature carvings and artwork from Japan and China, now comes the next iteration. Miniature foods. I’m not talking about small plates, or hors doers, or appetizers - I’m talking about the latest YouTube video trend that shows chefs cooking tiny meals using real ingredients and tiny utensils and cookware. Miniature Space as more than 460,000 YouTube subscribers and boasts over 3.8 million views of its most popular video on making a mini- food cake. Tubular Labs reports that these miniature food videos represent just 3% of all video views in the food category. Perhaps its time to move away from your monitor?

There is one entrepreneur who seems to be profiting from the Bird Flu epidemic earlier this year. Emilie van Spronsen cremated the bones of the birds culled due to Bird Flu and mixes in clay that produces a ceramic like material that can be used for 3-D printing. She has made a stool and urn. The stool’s cushion is made from infected feathers from the chickens that floats in a transparent pillow case. The outside of the urn is designed to look like the DNA of the H5N8 virus and inside? Of course is the  chicken bone ash which she says can be used as fertilizer. New meaning to the term get a hobby…..