Missing Food Waste Link

The Lempert Report
October 06, 2022

Phil: And you know a new report has just come out that says, the problem with food waste is lack of transparency. And I'll explain, first of all, it's important to note that food waste is responsible for about 8% of greenhouse gas emissions a significant amount. There's actionable data. There is different things that everybody has to do, but what I wanna reinforce is the most important focus area for food waste, according to the EPA, should be prevention, preventing food waste. 40% of all of our food supply in the US is wasted, whether it's in our home, whether it's in a supermarket, whether it's in a restaurant. And that's probably the best thing. Now, this report says if we had data that would establish the baselines for food waste, we could then start to solve it and then have people working together. 

Phil: What they really say is, we have an organizational challenge here that most retail organizations lack clear ownership over food waste reporting. And even if the food information about waste is collected, there's no incentive to share it externally, whether it be with consumers or CPG companies or anybody else. So bottom line is, you know, I don't think it's about transparency. I mean, we keep on talking about food waste, that we better stop wasting. But until I think each of us on a personal level as well as retailers and manufacturers decide to stop wasting as much food, we're not gonna see a significant reduction. What do you think? 

Sally: Well, I agree that everyone needs education on how to not waste food. I also see that there is a great opportunity for tech companies in this situation. You know, this idea of sharing information and collecting data that can help us waste less food, especially within the food industry, that tech companies have an opportunity to step in and help connect these retailers with brands with farmers, with food banks, so that there can be reporting and identification of areas where we are failing and we can direct food before it is wasted to people in need, hopefully. 

Phil: Yeah. I'm totally, totally on that same page with you. Good catch.