More Celebrities Are Liking Frozen Foods

The Lempert Report
March 22, 2018

At least to invest in.

Daily Harvest is a plant-based frozen meal delivery service with pre-made smoothies, chia parfaits, soups and grain bowls loaded with superfoods and nutrients from whole fruits and veggies.   

The female-led company received $43 million in a third round of funding led by venture capital firms and Serena Williams and Gwyneth Paltrow,  olympic athlete Shaun White, celebrity chef Bobby Flay and actress Haylie Duff this month that’s and as a result it has expanded its product line to include 33 meals ready to eat instantly. 

Daily Harvest items seem to be nourishing the need for healthy fast food where  

“The frozen aisle is literally and figuratively a very cold place,” CEO and Founder of Daily Harvest Rachel Drori tells Moneyish.   

Frozen food is finally turning around and is now estimated to reach $360.36 billion by 2024. According to the Mintel Global Food and Drink Trends 2017 report, there was a 257 percent increase in the number of vegan food and beverage launches in 2016, compared to five years ago, and many brands have attempted to break into the healthy frozen food space. 

Daily Harvest customers can opt to order six to 24 cups weekly at $7.99 each, or monthly (approximately 24 cups) for $6.99. You can choose a combination any snack or meal, like the immunity-boosting tomato minestrone packed with veggies like zucchini, tomatoes and chickpeas; a cacao and avocado pudding said to taste like chocolate and loaded with pea protein; or sundaes like chocolate brownie batter made with cocoa, black beans, hemp protein and coconut. Each require minimal prepping effort — just add water and heat soups, smoothies need a liquid base like milk added before being tossed into a blender; and grain bowls can simply be microwaved or sautéed on the stove.

Nutritionists say eating frozen fruits and veggies is actually better for you. New research from the University of Georgia found that frozen fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious as their fresh counterparts with some even retaining more nutrients, particularly when it comes to vitamin A.