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The Lempert Report
September 19, 2019

And why it's about to explode, but not in a good way

When I visited the Burger King in Minneapolis that I told you about yesterday, I asked how and where they were cooking the Impossible Burger. The response from both the counterperson and the manager was that it was cooked on the same flame broiled that the regular beef version cooks on.

And that could be a problem that sets up vegan groups throughout the country to get their picket signs out of storage and head to the nearest Burger King.

I checked further and on its website's description of the Impossible Whopper, the second-largest burger chain in the United States offers an asterisk: The patty is prepared on the "same broiler used for beef and chicken."

According to Fox Business, Burger King patrons reportedly have the option to ask that their veggie burgers be cooked in separate broilers from the meat products.

But that isn’t realistic. Have you ever been in a fast food kitchen? There is not a lot of room – and most franchisees balk when they have to buy new equipment in an already very very competitive market with raising wages.

Here is the topline. The Impossible Whopper is designed for one thing: headlines to achieve as many as possible in advance of its IPO. Do we really think that the Burger King customer wants the Impossible Burger? Or that the Impossible Burger is going to bring vegans into the restaurant? 


The picketers are coming.