Need a Juice Fix?

The Lempert Report
January 20, 2015

Find out who’s offering to deliver it to your door

According to a recent article on Forbes dot com, “Foods that are portable and tout a health halo are a must for consumers in 2015”.

So, who benefits from such a trend? For one, the juice and smoothie market and one company that might be on to something… Greenblender. Picked to partake in “Food X” a new food business accelerator program backed by Venture Capitalist Firm SOSVentures, Greenblender is a smoothie delivery service that uses organic ingredients. By becoming a member and joining the Greenblender club, for $49/week (or about $5/smoothie) receive 5 recipes and the pre-portioned ingredients needed to make 10, 12-oz. smoothies.

As time poor consumers continue to make health a priority, ideas like Greenblender are positioned to do well. As we’ve seen with waters, like coconut water, cactus water as well as juices there is a trend towards more interesting beverages. 

Supermarkets might take advantage of this trend also by not only highlighting their more innovative beverage products as well as guiding shoppers, with tips and advice, on the nutritional and health benefits of each. Countless supermarkets now have coffee bars for shoppers, why not Smoothie and juice bars to appeal to the health conscious customers in need of a pick me up? As innovative companies, like the team behind Greenblender, look for ways to benefit from latest trends, supermarkets should do the same.