New Food Delivery From ByteDance

The Lempert Report
February 15, 2023

Food delivery has come under a lot of criticism, obviously because of the cost of it, because that it's not sustainable, because of the bicycle, delivery people getting into accidents and hurting people, getting held up for their bikes. But there's a new company out of China, called ByteDance, that is experimenting with a new way to do it. Now, right now it's just in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. And basically what you can do is have group buying packages. It's not about just ordering one sandwich, but you have to buy a group of products, they give you a discount. But here's the key that you have to purchase the offer and then choose a time for the food to arrive, usually a couple days ahead, which obviously takes a lot of pressure off that whole food delivery system, which is rife with problems as it is. Do you think that this could work here? 

Sally: I think that this is a really cool idea. You know, ByteDance is the TikTok for China and, and the platform that is working with Byte Dance to do this, and I'm probably mispronouncing this, but I'm gonna try, is called Douyin. And so basically what they do is they have restaurant owners sometimes go on this platform and livestream, and that is when this opportunity arises for people to go on that moment, watch their livestream, and then purchase the item to have delivered for later. So it's kind of a cool idea, a way to create an event around something that your restaurant makes, and like you said, also, I'm not being inundated with orders that you can't handle all at one time. 

Phil: Yeah. And just taking a lot of the waste out of that system.