New Work Force

The Lempert Report
September 29, 2022

Phil: And talking about smart, Amazon Pepsi, Pfizer, and a whole bunch of other CPG companies have agreed to hire over 22,000 refugees to fill jobs here in the U.S. It's part of the tent partnership for refugees. They announced it on Monday, September 19th to kick off the US Business Summit on refugees. 260 companies have signed on for this, and I think not only as they talk about, it's not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do since so many people here in the US don't wanna have certain jobs being, and this is what America has been built on. Let's not forget that. You know, when we talk about the Irish coming over, the Italians, the Jews, everybody that's coming over from Europe, they started all these industries starting at, you know, entry level jobs and built huge businesses as a result. This is the whole Statue of Liberty thing, you know, taking place in 2022. 

Sally: Yes. And I agree with you. And I think that this is a wonderful program. Amazon has pledged to hire at least 5,000 refugees. Tyson is going to hire 2,500 refugees and this is really good for their business. One, it's the right thing to do. And secondly, it is good. We will have people that will be trained to be able to fill these jobs. We have a big labor shortage and I also hope that it will shift the perception right now a little bit on immigration reform. You know we have farms where we need people to work on those farms because there's no one to do that job. But if we can look at immigrants as, okay, we can bring them into this country and they can be productive and they can be part a part of the economy and provide something, you know, that makes our society better. Then I think that's a wonderful thing. 

Phil: Totally agree with you.