Non-Alcoholic Beer Usage is Up

The Lempert Report
June 07, 2023

There's a report that just come out from YouGov US non-alcoholic beer report 2023, and what they found is the number of non-alcoholic beer drinkers here in the US has increased more than eight times since the year 2020. Millennial dads in the northeast are driving the trend. So I guess you know it's a good time to be in the non-alcoholic beer business.

Sally: Yes, and this is not surprising. We're seeing that trend here in Nashville, especially with our younger generations, as people are abstaining from alcohol or limiting their alcohol contact. In fact, I was at a music festival with my family this weekend and the radio station producer putting on the event was talking with us and said that one of the major acts that was headlining had requested that they bring in mocktails, A non-alcoholic beverage sponsor, because so many people are leaning that way now. It is a fascinating trend and I love that. The beer drinking has caught on in the non-alcoholic world, going from 0.6% of the US adult population drinking in a beer in 2020 to 5.2% in 2023. It's so interesting because we're seeing this rise mostly in men and particularly dads.

Phil: Yes, and what they did also is they developed profiles and some of the stats that are really interesting. Nearly three-quarters of non-alcoholic beer drinkers work out more than once a week, versus just 50% of beer drinkers. They're not drinking beer, but they're working out more. 49% describe themselves as meat eaters non-alcoholic beer versus 74% of beer drinkers. 42% of non-alcoholic beer drinkers watch competitive video gaming I'm not even sure what competitive video gaming is. You can help me out on that in a second versus 17% of beer drinkers and 76% of non-alcoholic beer drinkers listen to podcast weekly, versus just 38% of beer drinkers. I think that it's really reflective of a whole healthier, smarter lifestyle. It just so happens to be that they want non-alcoholic beer.

Sally: It seems to be that way. That can be carried over also into the mocktail category, encouraging your shoppers to find different ways to make mocktails. This gets them shopping. the entire store You have the produce section to pull from the frozen food section. You've got herbs to pull from and sweeteners and carbonated drinks and seltzer waters. There's all different kinds of ways to pull ingredients from the entire store to make really cool mocktails.

Phil: Great point. A lot of the registered dietitians that are out there in their videos have given out recipes for mocktails as well. Maybe promote it not only on social media with videos, but in circulars and your ads everything else. Great point, sally.