Octopus Farm

The Lempert Report
March 03, 2022

Phil: Now this next story that you found, the images really freaked me out. Tell us about this.

Sally: Well, I think it's freaked a lot of people out actually, did you watch the, the octopus teacher on Netflix?

Phil: I, I watched part of it and, and, you know, it was shot beautifully, made the octopus look, octopi look great. But this story from one of the ugliest octopus that I've ever seen.

Sally: Well, that, that, that movie did make me fall in love with this beautiful creature. But in Spain now they have created the first commercial octopus farm. Now, apparently there are some countries that octopus, they just eat a lot of octopus and it is in high demand. So this could be really great for them, but there is some controversy over it. Some organizations do not feel like that this is an animal that should be kept in cap captivity, that it is a intelligent animal and it can feel distress. But also the conditions, the reason this hasn't happened before is the conditions they have to create eight, , so that these Ocotpi can survive and thrive are very, very difficult to, to build.

Phil: And also just to build up on your point. And again, I watched this from the movie there, the London school of economics did a review of 300 scientific studies. And what they found is octopus as octopi. So as you point out experience distress, they can also experience happiness and that high welfare farming such as we're describing would be impossible. So the question is, you know, is this gonna fly or not? And what are we gonna be doing to our poor little, pretty octopus before they wind up on somebody's dinner plate?