One of the Best Jobs in Supermarket Retail

The Lempert Report
January 31, 2022

Today on The Lempert Report we take a look at what could be one of the best jobs in supermarket retail. It pays the equivalent of $40.30 per hour and you get to work in two of the smallest footprint grocery stores. WeThrift – the coupon website- has launched a new service for die-hard bargain shoppers at Aldi and Lidl in the UK. The job title is “middle aisle shoppers” and they give shoppers who miss out on those limited-edition deep discounted products a second chance to buy those items. Here’s how it works. Each middle aisle shopper is given the equivalent of $670 to spend on those special buys at the retailers. WeThrift then resells those products to those shoppers who missed out on the specials. The company has not reported what their markup is – or the prices they resell the items for….so I kinda wonder if these die-hard bargain hunters will really be getting a bargain after all.