Online Grocery Shopping Update

The Lempert Report
June 09, 2023

A food and beverage report, by Morning Consult they found that 14% of workers at in-person jobs say they ordered groceries online on a weekly basis. 25% of remote workers said that they do. Hybrid workers offer food lot food online at more than double the rate of 31%. So you're exactly right. I mean when you have these hybrid workers. Even though we're seeing food delivery decline in a lot of markets, it's time for all these delivery companies, whether it be Instacart or Shipt or whoever else, to really focus on hybrid workers, because that's going to be a marketplace that grows for them and there's a lot of them out there. 20 million US workers, according to IRI and NPD, do so from home or through hybrid of in-person and remote work.

Sally: So you've got this marketplace of 20 million people who this is perfect for yes, I think people of these people are time savers and they've really learned the art of being, of living an efficient life and not getting in their cars as much and going back and forth to places. Many of them are parents.

Phil: They also might have a little bit higher income than the average that are ordering, but it's a great opportunity for supermarkets to get on board and offer, just like this Hy-Vee store is not only offering, you know, buying your basic staple products there, but also we've got prepared meals for you, because these are our time-saving shoppers and you know it's so important. For example, this weekend I had to go to a store and wanted to pick up some kind of prepared food, so so that we didn't have to cook, and the assortment was horrible. We wound up getting a roasted chicken because that was the only thing that looked edible, and everything else in there in their prepared food case and so on, was either white or brown. They didn't have vegetables. The choice was corn and I wouldn't call this a vegetable, but macaroni and cheese. That that was the two sides you could get. They also had some mashed potatoes that looked really bad, but I mean there were chicken wings and it was just horrible and when I look at that it's really a missed opportunity and It is what it is So. Good for Hy-vee. Good for Nashville getting three Hy-vee's and you know I want a Hy-Vee right here in Santa Monica. I'd be very happy if they did that. Thanks, Sally.