Pepsi Gives A Chance

The Lempert Report
July 06, 2023

Pepsi has teamed up with food reviewer Keith Lee on TikTok. He has over 12 million followers on TikTok and what it's about is the Pepsi Dig In program, which is designed to drive access, business growth and awareness for black-owned restaurants, and what they're now doing is they're reaching out to consumers to have submissions for his restaurant royalty program, where you could win a lot of cool stuff. Matter of fact, what you do is you go into or you can scan a code on the display in the restaurant itself. You could win one of 10,000 gift cards towards dining at your recommended restaurant, as well as other really cool prizes that Pepsi's doing. And I really like this program because it brings and it highlights these black-owned restaurants that people might not know. Number one are black-owned or might have a terrific cuisine that people are not familiar with. And one grand prize winner is going to get a trip for two to Las Vegas and tickets to the Super Bowl and a chance to dine at Pepsi Dig In Royal Restaurant Royalty Residency at the MGM Resorts International. So are you going to sign up?

Sally: Absolutely. I think this is a fantastic program and Keith Lee is a fantastic personality on TikTok. He's only 27 years old and people are absolutely loving his discoveries of local mom and pop restaurants and really amplifying their businesses. On this program it sets out to do that for these black-owned restaurants and, in addition to what the consumers that sign up, that what they can win, there will also be 10 restaurant royals that get a chance to get additional amplification across PepsiDig. So they're going to get programs to help them. They're going to get expert consulting services and ways to build their businesses better.

Phil: And I think they also get a $10,000 stipend from Pepsi, which is great. Well, good for Pepsi. It's a great program that you know, and typically we're critical of a lot of consumer programs and we're going to be critical of one in a bit, but this is one of those programs that's well thought out that's really going to make a difference. So good for you, Pepsi.