Plant Based Ice Cream is a ‘Thing’ Now

The Lempert Report
August 05, 2019

We told you a couple of years ago about Perfect Day milk – a brand that is well positioned to have its milk, become the future of milk.

Perfect Day isolated the protein that give dairy its taste and nutrition, then used a fermentation process to recreate it with fungi. 

The company says it is superior to other non-dairy proteins and requires significantly less resources and will eventually be cheaper to produce than cow dairy.

 And, probably more for investor interest, finding new companies to sell to and great PR, Perfect Day decided to make a limited run of ice cream utilizing the same process.This product launched for a limited time for $60 for three pints plus shipping and the company says it is meant to highlight the company's actual product: a "dairy" protein created from microflora. Perfect Day wants to be the supplier of this protein to the food industry.

"[The ice cream] shows the food world how it can be used," said Ryan Pandya, CEO and co-founder of Perfect Day. "A huge part of this is about communication. It's more than just making a new kind of protein. It's making sure people understand how it works."

"If you look at all the challenger brands of this decade -- Ripple, JustBeyond Meat-- they're all using pea protein," co-founder Perumal Gandhi said. "Pea protein is made by three companies. Those three companies enabled all of these brands to exist. If you think about the brands of the next decade, we would like to enable a whole new era of foods that can use our protein as the source. You can have 10X more impact by working with the world's biggest companies than by just trying to be one additional brand out there."