Plastic Packaging

The Lempert Report
March 01, 2022

Phil: And talking about food waste. What we found is this UK study that really looked at produce, and what they found is that when we're buying bags of produce bags of apples or limes or lemons, two problems number is typically we're over buying. So there's one part of food waste. And second, when this produce is in the plastic, it's not lasting as long. And if in fact you've just lowered your refrigerator to be five degrees, your produce, that's not in bags, it's gonna last longer, it's gonna be fresh and you're not gonna have to throw it out as often.

Sally: Yes, this is a very interesting study to me. And they, they specifically looked at apples and potatoes and bananas and cucumbers were, was one of the other ones. And it just, it seems like a, a very easy solution. Just take that plastic off and let us just buy it, you know, the amount that we need rather than having to buy an entire back of apples and then not eating the whole bag and it being thrown out.

Phil: And then don't forget at the beginning of COVID, what happened is there were some retailers like Walmart who said they would only take produce in bags because there were afraid of people like school easing the lime and, and stuff like that and, and touching them hopefully that's over