Power Of TikTok Food

The Lempert Report
November 03, 2022

Phil: Talking about trying and tasting foods. It looks like TikTok has more power than ever before as it relates to food. There's a new survey that came out from M G H, and what they found is 38% of TikTok users across all generations, that's approximately 52 million people, have visited or ordered food from a restaurant after seeing a TikTok video about it. They also found that when it comes to millennials, more than half of them, 53% have done the same thing, visited or ordered food from a restaurant after seeing it on TikTok. And the reasons that it's being driven is 72% said that the video had appetizing looking food. 45% said it was unique. 42% said it looked like a fun place to go with family or friends. 38% said it showed a cool way of serving the food and drink. 37% said it showed a cool atmosphere. 30% said the restaurant had a great view. And I really think that for those supermarket retailers and those food brands that are not using, it's a major mistake. And I see, I get alerts from TikTok, you know, every day, and, you know, you've got Kroger on there, you've got Whole Foods on there, but I think every retailer needs to be using this platform when you have this kind of impact. 

Sally: Yes. And you know, it also says in this study that people were willing to travel farther and spend more money. 30% said they traveled longer. 28% said they visited a restaurant and spent more money than they normally do. And so it is TikTok as a platform is working. And even if it isn't here forever, as some of these, these trends aren't, it is here now and it is a great influencer on what people are eating and buying. 

Phil: Absolutely.