Price Chopper Digital Game

The Lempert Report
March 21, 2023

Price Chopper has decided to, for Frozen Food Month, create a new game called Daily Surprize. You register on their website or on their app, you can spin a wheel and get gift cards, magazine subscriptions. Does anybody get magazine subscriptions anymore? I don't know. Donations to charities. You enter their sweepstakes and what they're saying is that it increased sales when they did this test, not for Frozen Food Month. But they did it for eight weeks last year. And what I guess is really surprising to me, basically the way you play the game is you wipe away the digital condensation from a freezer window. 

Phil: Is gamification getting that lame?

Sally: Well, one thing we do know is that people do love to play games online. And so, it isn't surprising that someone might wanna engage in a game like this, especially if they can get rewards from it. If they can, win digital coupons, if they can, add more reward loyalty points to their card for benefits. It does make sense to me that they would wanna do it, but the great thing for Price Chopper is that they're getting people to register their information to sign up, and then they're seeing that translate to more sales in the store. 

Phil: Yeah. And Price Chopper, I've gotta tell you, I love that chain. They really do a good job, but I just don't get the condensation on the freezer door. That to me is weird.