#RecipeForDisaster Is A New Campaign To Reduce Waste

The Lempert Report
July 23, 2018

The World Food Programme (WFP) has created a new social media campaign that wants us to turn food waste from a recipe “for disaster” its called #RecipeForDisaster.

The campaign asks you to make a meal out of ingredients that are near expiration date or about ready to spoil, then share photos or videos of the completed dish with the hashtag #RecipeForDisaster.  

The Spoon points to an article in The Guardian that argued that millennials’ obsession with Instagraming their food has heightened our expectations about what food should look like, prompting us to buy more than we need and reject perfectly edible food, just because it doesn’t look as nice as it used to.  

They go on to write that “by promoting photos of dishes made with less-than-perfect-looking ingredients, the #RecipeForDisaster campaign hopes that they can fight this trend.” 

#RecipeforDisaster is off to a great start: the hashtag currently features in 6,300 posts using the hashtag on Instagram and many more on Twitter, including posts from celebrity chef like José Andres. 

But as all things social media – it’s a huge animal that needs constant feeding to stay alive. Check it out and join in at #RecipeforDisaster.