Retailer Champions

The Lempert Report
March 02, 2022

Phil: Now, U S D A has just announced their us food loss and waste 2030 champions. These are the companies that have committed to reducing food loss and food waste in their us operations by 50% significant by the year 2030, who are these new members to this very elite and very important group.

Sally: Yay. We're very proud of these companies. Aren't we Albertson's, Albertson's companies, BJ's wholesale club Danone, north America, Smithfield foods incorporated, Starbucks, Cisco, and Tyson's foods. And they've all got different ways that they're approaching, being more sustainable and cutting down on food waste. I mean, Starbucks has even got a grounds for your garden program, so to help with commercial composting methods. So there's some really cool ideas out there.