Revolution Foods, Innovative Moms

The Lempert Report
May 21, 2015

Check out these two Moms who decided it was time school kids deserved good, real, food!

In an ideal world, everyone could send their kid off to school knowing they’ll be eating fresh, nutritious and inexpensive food and furthermore,  they’ll actually enjoy it!  Well two innovative Moms decided to take this thought, and make it a reality, the result? Revolution Foods! 
Kirsten Tobey, Co-Founder, Revolution Foods
Kristin and I both came from a mixed background of education and business. We came together in business school and we realized that we had a lot in common in terms of our vision of wanting to provide solutions to schools to set kids up for success nutritionally. I had worked as a teacher and around schools a lot and had seen firsthand how kids who are fed well and have good eating habits are much better set up for success at school. 

We operate 7 culinary centers around the country and those are basically like big kitchens they're in 7 different regions around the county so from those we service 27 different cities across the country -east coast, west coast, south, we're opening in the midwest this summer. So within those centers we're cooking, preparing, delivery fresh lunches to schools. Right now we're serving about 1.5 million meals a week out of those 7 culinary centers and the meals are going out to around a little over 1000 schools and over 80% of the students who eat those meals qualify for reduced prices so students who are coming from food insecure, low income families. 
We've had to really have a focus on innovation because we're working in a field where fresh prepared foods has not been delivered daily, so we're creating a whole new approach to providing fresh meals. We're innovating in our supply chain, we're innovating in the product, the way that we build the product line, we work very closely with kids in schools. Kids helps us to design, design the flavor profiles, what kinds of things they want to see on the menu, kids even name a lot of the items we see on the menu, so we involve kids at every stage of the process but you know with everything that we've done we've looked at a challenge and said, how can we come up with an innovative solution? Because no one has really done this before.

More and more we're seeing the link between kids eating well and then actually being able to be successful in school. And we see more and more principals and superintendents also making these connections. When they see kids sitting down and eating a healthy breakfast in the morning and those kids then able to concentrate better on tests. 

What Steve Case and many of our investors and people in our community see is the potential for us being a disrupter in the industry but one that's very motivated towards positive change and setting up kids and families for success. 

PHIL Revolution Foods has now expanded well beyond the school kitchen and is now in practically every supermarket in the country.
Kirsten: We're very focused on continuing to expand in schools we're also very focused on continuing to innovate in new solutions in retail for groceries.  We’ve created a convenient solution for families looking to pack a healthy lunch box but we're expanding into high protein, low sugar snacks.  Something that i can feed my kids when they're going between school and sports or trying to bridge the gap between meals so we're contenting in that direction as well as other meals that we know families need a solution in.  Also continuing to really innovate in other meal occasions we know families have a need for solutions in.
At Revolution Foods we are Moms on a mission to drive positive change through real food.