Romantic Whole Foods

The Lempert Report
February 10, 2022

Phil: Whole foods is gearing up for Valentine's day. What's going on?

Sally: Well, Whole Foods this year is doing something called gourmet date for good, which is a series of three virtual online cooking cook along events. And these are with three different, celebrities. The first one, which will be the Valentine's day event, which is on February 13th, is with, Heather McMan, who is a regular on today with Hoda and Jenna, and she'll be joining, her mom and her sister. And they're gonna make, I think it was, they're gonna make oh, steak Cini and basil vinegarette sauce. So that's great. And then on February 14th for Valentine's day, Tabitha brown and her husband Chance, now she's an actress, but also a very, an advocate of a vegan lifestyle. They're going to make a pasta. And then on February 15th, author podcast host, , Matt bee, sorry, it's going to make a chocolate lava cake with all those singles out there who are celebrating singles awareness day.

Phil: Yeah. I think that there's a really cool idea of what whole foods is doing. I'm interested to see do just how many people are gonna sign up for it. You also have a Q and A on at the end of it. And, I'm looking, does this cost anything it does, you have to make a donation through Eventbright

Sally: Correct. Yeah. And I, that's one of my favorite things about this, because the donation that you make goes of the independent restaurant coalition, which is an organization that is helping local restaurants and bars who have been affected by COVID.

Phil: Yeah. Very, very cool idea. Thumbs up to whole foods for, for doing this. I wish more retailers would follow through.