Rule Breaking Dairy Farmers?

The Lempert Report
March 18, 2015

What will a babies gut bacteria tell you? And do you know what a Yumbo is?

FDA Finds Some Dairy Farmers Breaking the Rules
A few dairy farmers are breaking rules when it comes to antibiotics.  Cows producing milk don't receive antibiotics unless they are  sick, because drug residues immediately appear in the cow's milk which is a violation of food safety rules. But a new report from the Food and Drug Administration,  looked for 31 different drugs in samples of milk from almost 2,000 dairy farms, and learnt that some farmers are breaking the rules. How? They're using antibiotics that routine tests don't try to detect, because the drugs aren't supposed to be used on dairy cows at all. According to NPR, the FDA is working on plans to stop illegal drug use by dairy farmers which would hopefully now include testing all milk for a larger number of antibiotics.
Babies Gut Bacteria a Clue to Future Sensitivities 
Imagine how much easier it would be if you could figure out from an early age what food sensitivities your baby will have?!. Well, maybe we can do that sooner than we think!  Researchers from the University of Alberta and University of Manitoba in Canada, found that patterns of gut bacteria in young babies may serve as biomarkers of future disease. For example? They learnt that infants with less diverse gut bacteria at 3 months were more likely to show sensitivity to certain foods like egg, milk and peanut by the age of 12 months.
Fast Food Nostalgia
"What's old is New". At least that's the new menu strategy at both Burger King and McDonalds who are hoping to woo customers with a trip down memory lane.  Recent menu additions at these fast-food giants selling items that were removed years ago to boost sales. For example, McDonald's brought Chicken Selects back by "popular demand" as a limited time offer. And Burger King resurrected the Yumbo, a hot ham-and-cheese sandwich on a hoagie bun last seen on the menu in 1974!