Sakara Life is Another Food Delivery Service

The Lempert Report
March 09, 2018

But with a difference.

The difference is that this company is based on Clean, organic, ready-to-eat meals.

For Breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are designed for optimal nutrition. The kits also include Daily Beauty and Detox Waters for ultimate hydration, Daily Detox Teas to support digestion, Guidance and support from Certified Health Coaches and no prep, cooking or clean-up! 

The menu changes weekly. One Tuesday a couple of weeks ago featured for example: Buttermylk Biscuit with purifying plumberry jam for breakfast;

For lunch Sakara Earth Bowl with hemp + dulse avocado, sprouts, radish, quinoa, lentils, mustard sesame dressing;

And for dinner Healing Baked Veggie Moussaka with black cumin + roasted eggplant + cashew bechamel + slow-cooked tomato sauce.

This meal kit business is very different than Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. Their meals are inspired by everything from the latest microbiome research to Michelin-starred restaurants in NYC, and combine expert nutritional design with sophisticated culinary technique. And they source all ingredients from trusted suppliers and organic farms that use healthy, sustainable agriculture practices. 

It’s all about a whole food plant rich diet. A 5 day meal plan, which is delivered 3 times a week by 6am with three meals a day, will set you back $349; but is likely to also set back your weight, cholesterol and risk of disease.