Sally In Spain

The Lempert Report
April 27, 2022

Phil: Welcome back, Sally. 

Sally: Thank you, Phil. 

Phil: And she's here to tell us what you found in Spain and Morocco food wise.

Sally: Yes. Well, my, my big takeaway was the, um, the food in Spain. The people of Spain really appreciate their food. Their food is fresh, it is beautifully presented. They take their time enjoying their food. One of my favorite things was the central market in Valencia, Spain, which we browsed for a very long time. And this is where you can go in this, a beautiful old building that is surrounded by a historic cathedral, and you can go and see a butcher. You can go get your pork, your poultry at different places, your bread, your cheeses, your fruits are in one place. Your vegetables are in another place. And on top of that, while you're shopping, you can grab a sandwich that's big enough for two people for about three euros, and you can even get a glass of wine or a beer to walk around and enjoy lunch while you're shopping. 

Sally: And it's just a really lovely experience. I, I also noticed that the people of Spain are very healthy and walking and they're biking everywhere. And there's just a great energy. It's very relaxed and they don't seem stressed out so that was one of my big takeaways. And then another thing I wanted to mention was the respect for recycling and we saw pretty much no plastic, especially when it came to food, no plastic packaging on food, no plastic bags . There were recycling bins for everything everywhere. I eat yogurt every morning for breakfast. And so I got my Danone yogurt and it was in a glass container and I really appreciated that. It was also just a really nice presentation of it. 

Phil: So if I remember properly you know, for dinner in Spain, people sit down around 10 o'clock at night for dinner. How was that for you? 

Sally: Yes, they do. In fact, a lot of the restaurants they close for a Siesta around 4:30 and then they don't open back up until 8:30. And then they stay open until midnight, one in the morning. And so, we were really grateful for that because we were on a little bit of a different, our bodies were on a different schedule coming from the United States. So we did enjoy eating late. But yeah, you've got that time period there where nobody's open. 

Phil: And what about the food itself? 

Sally: Amazing. We had such a great experience. We enjoyed, we enjoyed tapas, which is, is a really great way to enjoy people and enjoy food with other people ordering a few different things from the menu and sharing them so that you can try a lot of different things. I loved that part of it and really very reasonably priced too. You know, we ate in, we ate in in some really nice places and, it didn't, it didn't cost as much as it would in the United States to have a few different things and a glass of wine. It was, it was really lovely. And we also especially loved, we went to Valencia, which is the paella capital of the world. And so we ate in this really lovely restaurant on the beach where they served paella in the big Paella pans. And that was a real treat. 

Phil: Nice, nice, well, welcome home. And I can't wait to go to Spain. I've never been to Spain,of, of all the Cities.

Sally: I think you will really enjoy it. Yeah.