San Francisco's New NFT Restaurant

The Lempert Report
June 07, 2022

Eater reports that San Francisco is getting an NFT Restaurant. The project comes from SHŌ Group, which describes itself as “a global experiential hospitality platform,” and will take up rooftop real estate atop Salesforce Transit Center. Here is what they are planning: a membership-based SHŌ Club, a high-end Japanese restaurant with a sunken-pit grill, where the chef plans to cook over charcoal and offer “rustic farmhouse cuisine.” and a “Japanese food retail concept” that will sell grab-and-go items like bento boxes, salads, and sake. The SHŌ Club will offer three membership tiers – get this: Earth, Wind, and Fire, seriously? Earth is the lowest tier and they say little more on their website but its “the foundation of the club” – Water is the core membership for those who seek the ultimate in convenience and cultural experiences, both, according to their press release offers access to a special menu at the club’s restaurant, which will be open to the public; admittance into a private lounge; concierge and car services; and dinners with “celebrity guests.” Fire gets you. “ownership like benefits,” like “a once-in-a-lifetime highly curated trip to Japan”. The website also says that the full list of membership benefits and pricing will be available later this month. To give you some framework – New York’s NFT restaurant – coming soon – The Flyfish Club has memberships starting at $13,000 – but of course its tied to cryptocurrency so we will just have to see what the exchange rates are when you decide to purchase your membership.