Schnucks Flexible Shifts

The Lempert Report
October 20, 2022

Phil: Talking about problems, Schnucks, one of my favorite retailers has decided that they're gonna take the lead on how to attract work, how to attract and keep different grocery workers. And what they're doing is they have a new app that it's called Schnucks Flex Force, where you can find open shifts and just pick your own shifts. And certainly in the gig economy, that's one of one of the attributes that whether it's Instacart or Uber, you know, what they offer people. And I think this is a really smart move.

Sally: Yes, I think it is very modern and exactly what our, the, the direction that our culture has moved when it comes to employment. And we think about, you know, the lack of, of childcare that we are experiencing right now. We don't have enough people to work in daycare centers. We have people not being able to afford daycare. So if they can, you know, if they can work when it works for their family's schedule, then that's a great thing. And what I also love about this is that they're going to be letting people collect their pay as they earn it. So in other words, you don't have to wait, you know, two, four weeks until you get paid for the work that you've started. You can get paid right away.

Phil: Yeah. And also what they're doing, the minimum that they're gonna pay is $12 and 85 cents an hour. They have the same perks and benefits to other associates. So, you know, Todd Schnuck, Good for you. Good move.