Seafood for FishPeople

The Lempert Report
September 03, 2015

Transparency and sustainability are key for FishPeople and it's customers.

In a time when consumers are becoming increasingly interested in knowing where their food comes from and how its production affects the wellbeing of people and the environment; companies are having to take innovative steps to satisfy their customers. Take, for example, FishPeople

Duncan Berry, CEO & Co-Founder, Fishpeople
Fishpeople is a famous seafood company out of Portland, Oregon. We specialize in making seafood easy. We take that nervousness out of Seafood, we also are #1 sustainable and  #2 traceable. 
What we do on our packaging is two things. One on some of our packaging we actually put a tracker code, and what happens when you go on our website and put in that tracker code is that particular pouch…you meet the fisherman who caught the fish, we often say ‘we’ll tell you the names of the people who are fishing for you and caught your fish. We’ll also know the boat, you’ll know the location, on our tracker website you’ll also see the ingredients… you’ll learn everything about each one of those ingredients. 
The backs of some of our larger packages now have bios of the fishermen their location and their vessels.  When it comes to consumers it’s overwhelming.  The one thing we hear the most is “that is incredible that you can tell me where everything comes from, I trust you”.
We can do all sorts of scientific things, ratings…but the one thing they trust the most is when we say ‘ we have gone to the trouble of connecting you back to the source.'
We want to be the most trusted and recognized seafood brand in america for our 3 part mission which is, People i.e. coastal communities.  Planet i.e. we use only sustainable species.  And Profit because we want to reward our investors with the faith they put in us.  We consider all 3 very deeply in all the decisions we make as a company.   
The United Nations says that in 2048 we won’t be eating seafood from the sea unless we change our methods. 
We believe that the consumer has been the missing element so we’re enabling the consumer to join us inside the brand and make changes around American communities and preserving habitats and seafood species.