Sfoglini Pasta

The Lempert Report
June 16, 2023

Well, it's time for a new product review from the makers of Sfoglini pasta. I just love it when a brand is truly artisan, and this one is. Their pastas are extruded in bronze dyes, a production technique that Francis Ford Coppola first introduced me to, oh well, over 25 years ago when he launched his pasta line, and it really does make all the difference. Each piece of pasta is designed, told the sauce perfectly, and it cooks up like you find in a top Italian restaurant. Now this new variety is porcini mushroom that is made with organic durum semolina and a puree of porcini mushrooms, unlike some other brands that might use mushroom powder, basically as a colorant that you can't even taste. This is the real deal, made with real porcini's that deliver an earthy flavor that, frankly, is perfect with their recipe that's on their website for a mushroom sauce or just a little bit of truffle oil and a tiny bit of garlic. I tried it both ways. The pasta itself is campanelli shaped That means little bell in Italian and each piece holds the sauce beautifully. This is truly a delightful dinner. Next time I make it, i'm going to try to mix it with some vegetables and add even more mushrooms. Vegan and non-GMO retails for $5.99. Check it out at Sfoglini.com and in retailers across the country.