'Shazam For Food' Is Real

The Lempert Report
June 23, 2017

Pinterest's new feature might be the change the recipe world needs.

Pinterest has announced a new recipe-finding feature that makes use of computer vision to tell you about a dish when you point your smartphone camera at it reports The Verge. The company is billing the feature as a way to perform real-time “dish recognition,” which allows Pinterest to then recommend users new recipes to try using similar ingredients. The problem is it seems to be just like SeeFood, the app imagined on HBO’s Silicon Valley series that could tell you if a food was, or was not, a hot dog – and that’s all it does. 

Tech giants including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are developing software to capture images and identify what’s in them, from peoples faces to foods. 

Back in December in our top ten trends forecast we called it the digital foodscape and it’s the language of the Millennials and Gen Z. Augmented Transparency, immensely engaging and empowering will change the way we gather information about foods. Everything from the information and traceability of foods, to health & wellness – personalized nutrition, and food-ucation – learning everything we can about the food is creating an on demand expert level of knowledge.