Shoppable Videos on Twitch

The Lempert Report
September 09, 2022

Phil: Twitch has a new report that has come out, a new study from researchers at Penn state and Dartmouth that found that advertisements on Twitch can lead to cravings and purchasing of nutrient poor foods like candy and energy drinks among adolescents and young adults. When we look at who is on Twitch, 65% of Twitch users are male, 35% are female. Thank you, Sally, for finding that out. 41% or 16 to 24 year olds, 25 to 34 year olds comprised 32% makes me think that Instacart and Lizzo better get on Twitch soon. What do you think about, you know, Twitch's is impact on this generation?

Sally: I have some strong opinions about this, Phil and, and I'll tell you, the main reason is that I have an almost 12 year old boy who does spend time on Twitch. He's very into gaming. And I have to tell you this morning when I was driving him to school, we pick up another 12 year old boy in our neighborhood to drive to school. And he got in the car. They're both gamers. They spend time on Twitch and the boy pulled out of his backpack two energy drinks that were from this company called Shadow Anime. And they had anime characters and graphics all over them. And I immediately had an issue with this because I don't want my 12 year old to drink energy drinks. And this is clearly marketing to kids that shouldn't be drinking those energy drinks.

Phil: Yeah, absolutely. And knowing Eli, he's a kid with his head on his shoulders. He's smart. You know, he cares about what he eats and stuff, but still when you have your friend in a car, say "here, take an energy drink", goes even beyond Twitch. So I don't envy you driving these kids to school. It's tough.