The Lempert Report
July 09, 2015

Check out this innovation for marketers and retailers that will help make the consumer shopping experience even better!

From beacons to pinterest to online coupons, today's shopper uses countless digital innovations every time they step into the supermarket. So how can retailers and marketers make the most of this? 
Well, now there's an innovation for that too!  A new digital tool called Shoppergraphics  -  designed to help marketers develop impactful, behavior-based digital retail strategies.
Jason Katz, EVP Digital for Hunter Straker
It's really a profiling tool based on a study we do every year where we go out and talk to over a thousand shoppers and do a deep dive to understand their digital behaviors along the shopping trip. 
So we use the data that we gather and we cover about 57 or so different digital touch points in pre shop, in-store and post shop to understand which ones are most helpful and influential and based on that we created an algorithm and broke out all the data into 7 different shoppergraphic segments and really help clients determine what are the most effective strategies and tactics for digital touch points and content. 
Retailers are more and more turning to digital to better engage their shopper base. So you've got to help shape the right message at the right time through the right touchpoint. 

And while this tool is primarily designed for retailers the outcome can help the consumer:
JASON: For the shopper it's giving them the information that's most value add to them, whether its they're looking for blogger recommendations or a recipe or a coupon it's to save them time and money, to serve up content that really inspires them and validates that they're making the right decision on their trip. So definitely even though it's most used by retailers and brands the core of it is really to create a better shopping experience for the shopper and therefore they will have greater loyalty to the retailer and the brand. 
PHIL: Shoppergraphics is available now, just visit their website for more!