ShopRite Focuses on Health & Wellness

The Lempert Report
April 10, 2015

Teaming up with J&J to create a Diabetes Center

ShopRite is taking their health & wellness program, one step further. The retailer, who already has their Live Right initiative, which focuses on personalizing health and wellness for its customers, has now teamed up with Johnson & Johnson to create a Diabetes Center at its Flemington, N.J., location.

In doing so, both ShopRite and Johnson & Johnson are prioritizing the notion that supermarkets should take care of their customers as a whole. From nutrition to medication to education. The recently opened center  includes more than 100 items across seven categories, including pharmacy. Within the store, it's located next to the pharmacy and the dietitian's office so that store health professionals are available to answer questions and offer support.  The Diabetes Center offers not only products for customers but brochures and an onsite table that links to the web page for additional information. The Flemington store is the first location for the Center, but they plan to implement more. 

Other supermarkets can learn from ShopRite as they show how retailers can really prioritize the health & wellness of the customer. The Diabetes Center, is another example of the way in which a supermarket can truly be a neighborhood center for health and can offer support on everything -  from what shoppers buy to how shoppers can have a healthy life.