Should We Sell Expired Food?

The Lempert Report
April 13, 2016

A new store in Denmark called We Food is selling food past its official expiration date.

It was almost a year ago, in June 2015 that Doug Rauch, a former president of Trader Joe’s opened up Daily Table – a non-profit operation that sells foods that are nearing their sell buy date and has been donated by food wholesalers and stores to reduce the amount of food waste.

And the trend has spread across the pond to Denmark which has just opened its version – We Food, and unlike Daily Table all food is past its official expiration date or has damaged packaging that would’ve caused it to be thrown away at a regular store.

In Denmark every day—700,000 metric tons of food is discarded, globally it’s 1.3 billion metric tons every day.

Like Daily Table the store attracts and is designed for low income customers, however, the supermarket also hopes to draw environmentally conscious shoppers.

Denmark throws away 25% less food than it did five years ago and many of its supermarkets is also selling food that is near its expiration date at reduced prices. In  France supermarkets are banned from throwing away unsold food and asks restaurants to now provide take out containers, once considered ow class in the country.

Lots of good news, but some bad as well. Here in the US people are tossing out 50% more food these days than they did in 1990.