Sincerely, Albertsons

The Lempert Report
March 07, 2023

Albertons has a new brand campaign called Sincerely Food. 

Phil: They're saying it's one more way we're connecting with our customers as we create a more personal, engaging customer experience that embodies our values as a longstanding neighborhood grocer. That's according to their E V P and Chief Merchandising Officer. Jen Saenz, to me, I don't get this. I just really don't. I mean, what they're doing is they're going across all their banners. They're trying to make it more local. They're trying to build a more emotional connection with customers. Certainly the timing is suspect for me as we're seeing this Kroger Albertson's merger proceeding. I just don't think, and maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't think that this campaign is gonna do much for them or consumers. They're talking about having each banner has a unique history. And also Albertson's has Safeway, Tom Thumb, Pavilions, Acme Randalls, Hagan, you know, some other banners. Well, but, you know, one of the campaigns they have is The Art of Fresh. So they have a little girl with raspberries on top of her fingers, and it says, we're sweet on you too. Sincerely Berries. What they're doing is they're having their food talk. And I just think it's like really weird. I'll say one more thing, they have one quote, sincerely, convenience. So the food talks and it says, "Hey, there, it's me food. Whenever you need me, I'm ready for you."

Phil: What am I missing here?

Sally: Well, you know, I actually really like this campaign. And the reason I like this campaign for them is that I think, they are really going for showing more lifestyle and the shopper's reaction to the enjoyment that food gives them. And if we follow trends in digital media and video, our modern consumers seem to enjoy this human component, you know, with all the emotions in the fields. I think about the dog food ad that ran for the Super Bowl and how people responded so positively to that because it called on their emotions. So maybe that's what they're going for. Whether or not people will pick up on that, it will affect them that way, I guess, is to be seen. 

Phil: Yeah, I mean, they have another one called, Sincerely Food. Shows a variety of foods, strawberry, steak, a store made cake, seafood, and an entree, voicing their thoughts on their important, again, the food is talking on the video to store associates, shoppers and customers. And I'll quote, "Hey, it's me food. I'm so much more than just what we eat." Okay, we'll see what happens. And to your point about social media, Inmar, they're 2023 Spring trends guide that just came out last week or so ago finds that 52% of shoppers surveyed find grocery purchase inspiration on social media. To your point, nearly the same percentage as those saying in-store displays prompt their purchases. So, I could be wrong on this, but I think it's a lame campaign. Albertsons, you should do better.