Don't Eat Sleepy Chicken!

The Lempert Report
September 28, 2022

Phil: So Sally, the FDA has called sleepy chicken. The TikTok trend, a recipe for danger. Here's what's going on. I can't believe this what people are doing, and this is on TikTok. 

Phil: We're gonna talk a lot more about the ills of what TikTok is doing in the food industry. What people are doing is they're taking NyQuil up to a half a bottle of NyQuil and they're marinating chicken breasts on it before boiling the concoction for 30 minutes. The FDA is saying, this is unsafe. I'm saying it's stupid. Why would anybody want to do this? And also there's some people that were at risk of salmonella, because they're not, you know, cooking it for 30 minutes. They're only spending five minutes to do it. What's going on here are people just insane? 

Sally: Well, Phil, I have to agree with you. And I honestly feel like, once we entered the social media world in the internet, that we've kind of entered the wild wild west where it's kind of a free for all. Anyone can come up with something like this with no regulations and, and put it out there. The trouble with this, not only be what you were saying about the dangers of salmonella, but also, how many children are seeing this. We know that kids are on TikTok. This is a younger generation scrolling through TikTok daily. And if they're seeing this, then, you know, we've got to make sure that we are giving monitoring what our kids are seeing and making sure that they don't actually try to do something like this. 

Phil: I know it, it's just, it's, it's really stupid. The FDA is saying it's not only unsafe, but boiling a medication can make it more concentrated and change it's properties. I, and even if you don't eat the chicken, inhaling the medications vapors while cooking could cause high levels of the drugs to enter your body can hurt your lungs. Someone could take a dangerously high amount of the cough in cold medicine without even realizing it. And also probably equally as upsetting and I wanted to talk about some of the other absurdities that are on TikTok as it relates to food, but at the chicken marketing summit, and it's a real thing, they actually brought up these points, which has me very concerned. Number one, can chicken marketers find a safe way to use this trend? No. What if they made food safety videos that showcased how long a chicken really needs to be cooked to prevent foodborne illnesses? 

Phil: Yes, but not with NyQuil. Create videos or collaborations that promote properly cooked chicken as the ultimate sick-day food. I mean, come on chicken people, this is not an opportunity to sell more chicken. It's an opportunity to get people sick and even worse and to reinforce these stupid things. So, you know, eat this, not that, Sally found this has, has an article, the most dangerous TikTok food trends you should never try. The first one is the sleepy chicken that we've just talked about. The second one, again, Sally, I'm just thinking that people are getting so stupid making grilled cheese sandwiches in your toaster. So you don't have a panini press. So you take, you know, two slices of bread. You put cheese in between, and then you stuff it in your toaster. 

Sally: Yes. Very dangerous. And the key here is folks, this is not your toaster oven. They're talking about, this is a toaster that you pop the bread into. And it is definitely a very dangerous thing to do. 

Phil: There's also people that are creating these nacho tables. So instead of having nachos on a bowl or a plate, what they do is they put aluminum foil over their whole table and they spread 'em out. And needless to say bacteria central is there. Also, they talk about the fact that there's a lot of influencers who now are creating videos, what I eat in a day, so you can follow what I eat and be just like me. They talk about energy drinks and in a lot of the TikTok videos, there's energy drinks that are there, which psychologically promotes people to have energy drink. And probably again in the stupid-for-you-column, we should, we should do a new segment stupid for you is the dry scooping of pre-workout supplements. So, you know, you get these powder supplements, you add 'em to water or juice. 

Phil: So I guess what a trend is happening is that people are just taking scoops of the supplements without mixing it with water or juice or milk or whatever else. And they're just eating the powder itself. Um, so you know, what, what they're saying is not only could you choke on the supplement, but there's the potential for toxicity if not taken in the correct amounts? Um, yeah, Tony, you gotta come up with a stupid-for-you graphic or something like that. Oh, and here's my last one. And they don't go into a lot of explanation on this, but people are putting garlic in their nose. I don't know why. Oh, they say, if you're looking to clear out your sinuses you put a clove of garlic up your nose to clean out your sinuses. It just gets stupider by the day.