Slutty Vegan

The Lempert Report
April 28, 2023

Sex sells. We know there's a fabulous story in the New Yorker about a new restaurant by Pinky Cole. It's in Atlanta, it's valued at a hundred million. They have some outputs now. We'll talk about that. It is called, and excuse the language, but it's called Slutty Vegan. And you know, basically they've got a lot of celebrities who have invested in it including Danny Meyer from Shake Shack. And this is another example I think of somebody who really knows how to market well to Generation Z as we talked about earlier. And frankly, here's an entrepreneur Pinky, who's at an early age you know was in the food service business and making money what she and her friend used to do back in high school. They would go to McDonald's, buy McChicken for a dollar, and then sell them to their classmates for $2. They would double the price. So what do you think about this whole concept? 

Sally: I think that this concept is very smart and very intriguing. Pinky Cole is 36 years old. She's had her company for five years. It started as a food truck in Atlanta, and then to their first brick and mortar. They have a lot of locations in the Atlanta area and in New York now. And this is a black-owned business. It is a plant-based food chain, which we have already talked about here on the show about the vegan movement within the black community and how that is really ramping up. So that is wonderful. And then what we were talking about earlier aboutGen Z and these younger generations about how they like playful marketing and authenticity and influencers. And so, this concept for me just kind of uses all of those things that Gen Z appreciate, particularly the playfulness. I mean, you can go on their website and you can see what some of the names of these items are. There's the Menage a trois, which is a vegan bacon, vegan shrimp, vegan cheese, onions, lettuce, and tomato with sauce on a vegan Hawaiian bun. So that's a plant-based burger with all of those things. They've got one called the One Night stand, a Fussy Hussy. It goes on. And they're really fun. And you know, I'm sure this makes for a lot of really great hashtags as well.

Phil: Absolutely. Absolutely. I give her so much credit. Yeah. But you know, in the article it points out that even though she's got this huge following the the author or the columnist was there and overheard a mom saying to her child we love coming here, but never pronounce the names.