Social Media Farmer of the Year

The Lempert Report
February 25, 2014

Just as retailers now use social media as a regular platform, so too, do Farmers.

More than ever, farmers are turning to social media to not only help sell their products, but also to speak directly to consumers about their farming practices and the origin of their food.  

In recognition of this, Food Nutrition & Science has launched the first Social Media Farmer of the Year Award.  This new award recognizes farmers who have incorporated social media, digital media and internet strategies to achieve their business objectives.  Like, for example, including growing revenue, sharing information for more effective farming practices, and promoting positive awareness of the industry. It’s an award to honor innovation and effort that not only results in a greater person-to-person dialogue, but elevates the industry as a whole.

So, who can be nominated and how? Farmers can nominate themselves or a colleague and the deadline for nominations is March 31, 2014.  Nominees will be evaluated by a panel of global business, media and food and farming industry and the winner will be announced in Chicago on June 11, 2014.