Spud Nation Finalist interview #3

The Lempert Report
January 08, 2016

Bridgett Blough from Organic Gypsy

Who said potato recipes are boring? Not our finalists who are remaking what potatoes are all about. Our Final Spotlight Video is with Bridgett Blough from The Organic Gypsy.


My name is Bridgett Blough and I own and operate the Organic Gypsy which is located in Kalamazoo Michigan.  I am a food truck operator because I like the idea of switching things p and bringing the food to the people.  And I really like the energy and vibe of being on the street in a much more casual, less formal setting than traditional brick and mortar restaurants.  

A the Spud Nation Throwdown I’ll be showcasing my Green Tahini Potato Soup.  I came across a recipe of a green Tahini sauce that yu serve on potatoes and I went to the Farmers Market and I tweaked it a little bit, but that’s what I served for my Cooking Demonstration at the Farmers Market.  I got to thinking “Man, this would be a really good soup”.  So when I started to make soup in the Fall I just tried it one week and it was delicious.  It had all of the ingredients that I had that were in season and I pretty much made it up from that base of serving a side of potatoes with a sauce.  I just made that idea into a soup.  

What I’m really looking forward to at the Spud Nation Throwdown is that moment of competition where everything matters.  That kind os Fight or Flight really intense adrenaline rush.  I can’t burn anything, I have to execute everything perfectly in order to win and as a past college athlete you sort of imagine you as a player shooting the free throw with .1 seconds left and need to make the shot to win.  IT’s kind of that same pressure, but it’s a good pressure.  It’s a fun competition, it’s for a good cause, it’s for cash to spend.  But it’s still that elements of just nailing it and perfecting it and owning a food truck and catering company.


If you’re in Vegas, come check us out at the Mirage at 3p PST.  Or look for the Throwdown live on Periscope.