Stall Wars

The Lempert Report
September 08, 2022

Phil: There's a new program coming on TV. It is not a series. It is a one off, it will just be on Good Morning Washington, and it's called Stall Wars. Is this something you're gonna watch, Sally? And what is it?

Sally: I would love to see this competition. And I think it's a really creative and great idea. It's a great deal for the contestants if they win. So there's this big, new food hall, the Heights at Wisconsin place in Bethesda, Maryland, and they've already curated a really nice variety of food and cocktails and different ways to enjoy this food hall. But they're leaving one open for this competition. They're asking people to send in videos this month telling them their story and about their brand. And then they're gonna have a panelist of judges that will kind of, in the same way shark tank does, judge them and choose a winner. Now what's really cool is that they will, for the winner, they will waive the buildout cost and hand a one year lease to the winner in a prize valued at $50,000 and their rent for the year will be a percentage of their sales. So I think this is a great ideal idea for a new company.

Phil: I think it's brilliant. I think, also tying it in with Good Morning Washington brings obviously a lot of great PR to the food hall, for nothing. So that's great. And I love when we see these people really reaching out to new emerging food brands or food restaurants and trying to give them a helping hand, uh, so that they can learn. So I, I think that this is a model that I would love to see every food hall doing throughout the country and why limit it to food halls, why not supermarkets. You know, so many supermarkets have put in grocerants. And, you know, if you look at the new Kroger that went up, not new anymore, probably about a year, you know, year and a half, two years ago with their stands on their second floor. Why shouldn't Kroger or why shouldn't Hy-vee, or any of these retailers, have this same kind of competition for emerging brands, give them the space free. Maybe take a percentage of sales rent, maybe not. But also it gets you on TV with a lot of positive PR and lots of great PR within the community. I think it's a really smart, really cool idea.