Startups on Menus

The Lempert Report
October 05, 2023

This all started with Impossible Foods where they introduced their plant-based burger, they decided to go to upscale restaurants before they went to supermarkets to get it on their menus. Now we're seeing a whole bunch of new food and beverage startups that are working with restaurants to try to get on their menus, to have that credibility, so that consumers can feel better about a product even though they've never heard about the product. But when it's partnered with, whether it's a fancy restaurant or a fast-food restaurant, or in the case of here in Los Angeles with Erewhon. Erewhon has this huge program where they partner with various brands in order to sell and make that Erewhon halo over them, and the one that I think that is hysterical and very successful for Erewhon is the Haley Bieber Smoothie, which is pink and it costs $20 for a smoothie. So do we think that this is going to be the next phase for all these startups that they're moving away from human influencers and now they're looking for restaurant and retail influencers?

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