Supermarket Food Charts

The Lempert Report
May 27, 2022

Phil: And, and also, we've got some, we've got some interesting food charts as a way to communicate food topics and so on from supermarkets. Tell us a bit about that. 

Sally: We saw this article recently from Buzzfeed that just collected, I think, 35 different really cool charts that teach you about, about food. And what I really liked about them is that some of these things that can be intimidating to some people that they don't have experience with that these charts can really help. And I would love to see these in supermarkets helping consumers, make purchasing decisions as well as, you know, supermarkets using them in their social media. But some of those, some of the really cool ones we saw were, was the ultimate chart for chart, for understanding apples. So this is like a map that takes you through the tar apple, which is the granny Smith I learned, and to the sweetest apple, which is the Fuji apple. We saw a tea drinking chart for every situation, which, you know, shows you things like if you have a slow metabolism, have green tea, if you have the common cold elderberry tea, if you're stressed, you want lemon Balm tea. 

Sally: And then I, I know you liked this one, Phil, the one about the banana. Yeah. Which shows you the different forms of ripeness in the banana. And certain, I did not know this, but it, you know, if your banana is not super ripe, then you are getting more fiber and lower sugar. And then if it gets a little bit more ripe, you're getting more antioxidants in it. So this was a really interesting one for me too. And then just a couple more, there was an easy spice combo chart. If you're trying to make some sort of ethnic dishes you've never made, you know, there are, this chart walks you through, like use these spices for Mexican food, use these spices for Vietnamese food, use these for Italian. And I really like that one. And also I know that a lot of shoppers are seeing a lot of exotic fruits in their produce department, and I've seen them too, you know, big spiky, weird looking fruits that I'm like, what's inside of that and what 

Phil: Yeah. 

Sally: But this was a great chart. You know, they, for example, Jack fruit has become really popular and it, and explains that it has a banana and a pineapple flavor and that you can use it in Curry and tacos and like, pulled like barbecue pork. So some really great, great information here. 

Phil: And it really exemplifies the fact that whether it's in the metaverse or whether it's on a flat webpage, that these retailers who are really struggling with eCommerce now should be adding these kinds of graphics, this kind of information to their eCommerce sites, because it's just gonna, you know, open up the doors for so many consumers, not only to educate them, but for them to try new products. 

Sally: Yes. Hopefully it will. 

Phil: Yeah. So check it out. Um, it's, it's real worthwhile.