Supermarket Shopper Sustainability

The Lempert Report
April 26, 2022

Earth Day took place last Friday and it is the 52nd anniversary that demonstrates support for environmental protection. This year’s theme was “Invest in our Planet” and while I applaud the movement, I have to say that just raising awareness over the past 50 years hasn’t done much to improve our environment. On Friday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to strengthen our nation’s forests, communities and local economies. It was also the opportunity for many in our industry to reinforce their positions on sustainability. Michael Browne at Supermarket News did a terrific recap at how companies are working to meet their environmental targets. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Browne writes, sustainability has remained at the forefront of American consumers’ concerns, with 69% of supermarket shoppers saying they try to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible, according to a report released by the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council (CCRRC) of North America. Here are some examples:

Once again our supermarket retailers prove that they are the leaders and with their commitments can effect change. Kudos.