Supermarkets Dominate Produce Sales

The Lempert Report
February 04, 2014

Respondents say they spend more than half of their fresh-food dollars in supermarkets.

According to the 2014 National Grocers Association- SupermarketGuru Consumer Survey Report, nearly three-quarters of consumers state that perimeter fresh foods are the main draws of supermarkets. 

Their emphasis on fresh over packaged foods for meals at home escalates – because they look to nutritious, satisfying produce and proteins as essential tools for eating healthier and keeping energy levels high.

When it comes to presentation, clean displays top the list of what matters most to respondents in the visible presentation of fresh foods. They want produce to look and taste freshly picked, but without the dirt.  

For more than two out of three consumers produce is the pivotal traffic driver. This is the highest measure in recent years, up from 64.6% in 2013. Interesting produce is far above other key perishables in this regard.

So the great news for supermarkets is that respondents say they spend more than half of their fresh-food dollars in supermarkets.  Supermarkets are leading the marketplace as the go-to for produce and with the survey also indicating that people actually like eating fresh foods and will continue to do so, supermarkets may continue to reign supreme.