Supermarkets & Earth Day

The Lempert Report
April 18, 2023

This Saturday is a very special day. It's Earth Day, and Earth Day is now 50 years old. It started as a way to celebrate and honor the achievements of environmental movements and raise awareness of the need to protect earth's natural resources for future generations. But I have to say while it's been around for a very long time it doesn't seem like it's doing much. The environment is not getting better. Right?

Sally: Yes. And it's very good to see retailers getting involved in supporting Earth Day and putting together programs to really inspire their shoppers to be mindful of the environment and how we purchased what we purchased and how we eat. And some of those ways, Phil, that retailers are getting involved is Natural Grocers, which is based out of Colorado. They're doing some great things for their shoppers. They're going to be offering 49% off of environmentally thoughtful products and that's gonna happen from April 22nd to the 24th. They are also gonna be giving out organic cleaning products randomly each hour. They're gonna be giving out sample sizes of their own brand of organic popcorn, and they're gonna be giving away gift cards. You could get a $500 prize or a hundred dollars prize, and they'll be also giving away their ladybug love reusable bags. 

Sally: Now I also wanted to mention some other retailers that are doing great things. Kroger, who has been working on their zero Waste Foundation effort. They're going to be donating money to the World Wild Wildlife Fund, and also they're gonna be supporting getting more trees planted by getting involved with the Arbor Day Foundation. Now, that will happen with, shoppers rounding up their receipts when they check out, which I, which is a great way, we've talked about encouragong people to donate money. And then also Albertsons is gonna be collaborating with Kelloggs to encourage shoppers to recycle, but teaching them also how to recycle. You know, there are some things like plastic bags or the packaging that goes on our produce, things that people often think can go in the recycling bin and then the items they put in the recycling bin are not recycled. And so they're gonna be showing people like what you can and what you don't want to. So that, so more things that are plastic that can be recycled can be reused. And then I also wanted to mention Spartan Nash. They are going to team up with a sustainability organization called Eco Drive and they are going to plant 20,000 mangrove trees in recognition of Spartan Nash associates and customers for Earth Day. I think that is a lovely way to commemorate Earth Day and celebrate their associates. 

Phil: Absolutely. I think it's, it's great. So we just wish that we had a longer list of retailers who are doing things to help. So if you know of any of retailers who are working on Earth Day, please send us an email, put it in the chat, let us know what retailers are doing things for Earth Day.