Target on Sale

The Lempert Report
June 16, 2022

Phil: So this next story that was in Progressive Grocer talked about, talked about the fact, I'm sorry. It wasn't in Progressive Grocer. That's what threw me off CNN business. So they talked about the fact that Target has too much home decor, too many TVs, and are now ramping up the discounts. I don't understand this because Target and Walmart, and they mentioned some other retailers in this have overstocked with so many of these products. These are not stupid companies. Yes, during the pandemic, you know, a lot more people were staying at home. So maybe these companies bought more TVs hoping that people will up it, but we've been talking about having a lousy economy, for well over a year. So why do you keep, Target? Why do you keep on ordering this stuff if nobody wants it? 

Sally: Yes. It's really hard for me to wrap my mind around because, you know, I go to Target regularly and our Target really just seems like they just are out of stock all of the time of things. Like, you know, it's usually you talk to somebody in the store and they say, oh, go online, just order it online. But you know, I think that what happened here, you know, is what we're hearing is that, you know, at a certain point in the pandemic, people were spending a lot more money on these big items to improve their homes, because I guess they're stuck at home and, you know, we might as well work on our houses and make them better. But now with gas, food and rent, going up for people, all this inflation people are facing, they're not going for those bigger ticket items anymore, and they're not spending on decorating their home. They're using their money for food and rent gas. 

Phil: Exactly. So, you know, somebody at Target better wake up real quick, otherwise they're gonna have a problem.