Target steps up on Social Media in time for the Holidays

The Lempert Report
October 31, 2014

Target is taking a page out of Whole Food’s book

Talk about being creative! Target is taking a page out of Whole Food’s book by making great use of social media.  You may have noticed in the lead up to Halloween , Target has been particularly inventive with their Instagram account. They found a crafty way to use the photo sharing site to engage crafty customers and Instagram followers and push holiday crafting and decorating.

If you visited Target's Instagram page, you would see nine images of a make-believe cartoon town called "Halloween Hills." Each image is split into two parts and is tagged with two different "users” and it invites you to “trick or treat” For each image, if you click on "trick" you'll be taken to another user page with a DIY costume or decorating idea, and when you click "treat" you'll be taken to a page with a holiday recipe, anything spooky cauldron cupcakes and haunted house cookies

Target's VP of public relations and social media, told Ad Age "We really wanted to think outside of the box for Halloween and come up with something that would surprise and excite our guests at the same time.” 

While there’s no way to directly access Target's website from Instagram and buy the products all the ingredients and tools needed for the treats and crafts can be purchased at Target. And really, the goal of this campaign is to create brand awareness. 

We have talked a lot about the importance of having a social media presence and as more and more people take up Instagram, all stores should be visible there too. By using social media to create fun and unique opportunities to engage customers…especially young customers….  Stores create a level of brand recognition and loyalty that is hard to find through traditional advertising.