Technology for Food Allergy Sufferers

The Lempert Report
March 03, 2016

Reducing the risk of Accidental Food Allergy Exposure

Until now, the Epi-pen was about the most helpful and sophisticated device that a diagnosed food allergy sufferer could not live without. The problem? That the Epi-pen is a remedy, when one unknowingly ingests a food allergy.
A new campaign on Kickstarter wants to change that with their innovation – the AllerGuarder; a blue-tooth allergy awareness wristband indicator that you can pre-order for $30. Here’s how it works according to the developers:
The wristband sends alerts about a child’s dangerous food allergies to anyone comes in contact with the child who has downloaded the free app. AllerGuarder broadcasts the alert to all AllerGuarder app-enabled smartphones and tablets within an approximate 50-foot radius, creating what they call “a virtual safe zone.”
Basically an alert that cautions those nearby to avoid using and exposing certain foods in their area; there are two settings which protect the child’s identity, but does allow “trusted friends” – family, friends, school staff to identify the wearer. 
This innovation is interesting, but in our opinion relies too much on individuals downloading the app to receive the alert as well as the hope that that individual will remove the allergen from the area. Or if that individual even knows that the allergen ingredient might be contained in their foods. It is a good step, and a necessary one, but is not a 100% solution to a growing food allergy problem.  My hope is for a wristband that can actually detect the presence of an allergen and alert the food allergy sufferer to avoid contact.