The Coronavirus Epidemic Has Changed Everything About Food

The Lempert Report
July 08, 2020

You already know that.

Often it is compelling to look through another culture’s lens to see just what the impact will be on our own supermarkets and restaurants. New Delhi Television is the top network in India and has put together it’s list of the 5 food trends that, in their opinion, will define the new normal post Covid-19.

See how it compares to your thinking:

1. Chef Driven Delivery Restaurants

Many chef-driven, fine dining restaurants which were earlier focused on providing customers a dining-in experience, will now venture into the delivery business. In the long term this will completely change the landscape of the delivery business in the country.

2. Vegan & Healthy-Food Delivery Brands

There was a strong shift indicated in 2020 towards vegan & organic food. But with Covid19 taking the globe by storm, this trend will soon become a lifestyle for many. People will be more conscious about the food they eat and this market will see a rise in 'vegan only' brands. Many small and medium sized businesses have come up in the product space across the country promoting plant-based products, foods & more. Much of the diet of India is already vegan friendly.

3. Gourmet Street Food

India is known for its street food and people love it. However, with hygiene and cleanliness being the primary area of concern after COVID-19, street food is not going to be people's preferred option for eating out for months to come, post the pandemic. We will see a rise of many gourmet street food brands in the organized sector that can provide great taste coupled with hygiene and convenience of delivery.

4. Meat Alternatives & Mock Meat

With people switching from an animal based diet to a plant based one, we will see the popularization of mock meat and meat alternatives. Many restaurants will give their customers an option to opt for mock meat instead of the real thing, hence allowing them to add the required protein content to their meal rather carb heavy vegetarian and vegan diet food options.

5. At Home Experiences

Due to physical distancing being strictly enforced in India and around the world during COVID-19, a lot of the people will opt for enforcing this even after the pandemic is over to deal with the fear of another outbreak. Even after lockdown is over, restaurants will not be allowed to operate at more than a 30% capacity, hence there will be more and more F&B brands providing 'At Home' experiences.

What do you think will happen in food post Covid-19. I’d love to hear your insights – just email me at